TOP NOTCH OTR Trucking Companies Review


The million dollar questions for anyone considering doing OTR trucking is:

A.What is OTR trucking like?

B. Is OTR trucking compatible with me?

C. Which is the best company to work for?

D. How much can I earn?

E. How do I become a top driver?

F. What are the pros and cons of OTR?

G. What are the requirements to become an OTR driver?

H. What are the dangers to driving OTR?

There are other questions like what are the benefits like, how long does it take to get a CDL and how much does training cost or how can I get trained for free. I personally feel as these are secondary concerns. Really, it is more about should I do it. Make no mistake, OTR is a career and not just some J. O. B.  This is not going to be like stocking freight, flipping burgers, pumping gas, answering phones or doing data entry. No, this is a real JOB and a real CAREER. There is a lot of things you are going to be responsible for. The worse that can happen flipping burgers is somebody yells at you for overcooking the bun. Nobody dies, (usually!) If you screw up nothing really bad happens. Not so in the case of OTR. You are driving the equivalent of a MOBILE home its YUGE! Not only that, it weight a lot. If you crash into someobody in a car, you turn it into a pancake.

Let’s not forget the people inside that pancake. They turn into pancakes too! Can you be responsible enough to operate a multi-ton wheeled slab of metal? I am not going to discourage you. I am not going to tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do it. I am trying to prepare and educate you in making the decision about whether you should do trucking or not. I don’t know about you but I don’t wat to leave my town, be on the road with some trainer sleeping beside me, 2,000 miles from my native bed, and sit there in the can of truck and realize trucking sucks raw eggs  and I am a vegetarian!

That is the whole point of this blog. To give some real talk about the topic. I  mean sure, you could say fugget and just do it. You could also waste your money and your time trying to do something that you will end up hating. Not to say that you will hate it but you cannot know if you will or not until you try it. What are you reasons for doing trucking? Is it the money? Then you will want to know about the benefits and the pay. Is it about the freedom of being the captain of your own ship? Is it to get away for the nagging in laws? What if I told you these are all bad reasons to take up trucking.

The fact is, you should not be running away from anything. You should not be trying to escape from anything. You should be doing trucking because the trucking life appeals to you. Can you spent countless hours sitting in the cab of a semi, rolling through different states? Are you okay with being jacked up on caffeine all the time? Are you okay with sleeping at 4PM and driving at 4AM? Are you okay with getting lost in the middle of New York city only to find a mighty mouse size bridge in front of you? yep, you gotta turn that beast around!

I contact a OTR trucking company and they told me the pay was like .37 per mile! What a joke. Who in their right mind would leave the warmth of their own bed to live on the freeway for $2,500 per month? That is assuming you drive around 8,000 miles per month.You have to realize there are companies out there that are ready and waiting to take full advantage of the desperate soul that wants to better their life and see the country. That is another reason why I am writing this blog. This is not something a person should walk into with half the facts. Due to my own research, I am getting half the room says trucking is a nightmare and the other half is either not squawking or giving vague encouragement.

It was after researching doing OTR that stemmed the creation of this blog. Where is the expert on OTR? I don’t want to listen to or read about people who have an agenda. You cannot trust what the recruiter says, they are just trying to meet quota. You can’t trust vloggers or bloggers who are truckers themselves. The reason why is because some of them have their own agenda. The more people that want to do trucking means supply goes up and pay will ultimately go down. If the OTR trucking industry started spiking in candidates that would give the current truckers less leverage over their ability to command higher pay and better loads.

That leave you and I to try and tell who is lying and who is telling the truth. It is up to us to prevent other people from screwing us over for their personal gain. Now that I have this intro out of the way, what you can expect is a name and link of the trucking companies I find on my searches. This will be an on going project as I collect and assimilate the information.

The goal here is to narrow down the companies that are leading the industry in the OTR industry. I want to know the best companies, subsequently you will know about the best after I am done doing my research. I am going to look at the company culture, their ethics, the pay, applicable bonuses, medical plans, wage increases and any other pertinent info I discover. I am going to separate the men from the boys. I don’t want to get in with a company that wants to screw me over out of pay or benfits. I am sure you don’t want that either.

I will be listing as much information as I can locate as I go through the list. If I discover a company is a gross violator of ethics I will simply delete the link and post notes as to what I found out about the company. Only the best companies will do for us! If you have some information you want to be added to this blog feel free to get in touch with me. Be prepared to providing supporting data as to the accuracy of the information you want me to post in this blog. You can reach me on skype HOUSEOFJINN.

I have been watching videos every now and then about trucking. I have yet to watch any video that has been the tipping point for me. They just aren’t providing enough hard data or credibility in the field of OTR. I don’t want to jump into this OTR career until I have satisfactory answers to my questions. I personally have too much on the line to jump ship and “try it out”. I was just on a site where it showed you could earn .52 practical miles. 8,000 a month and you aren’t evening taking home 4K, it is like $775 after taxes per week.

They talked about practical mile which I gathered from a forum means  “Practical miles are the routes that are best for a Big truck to take.
There are also Shortest Distance Miles, but they often take Big trucks thorough smaller towns on less than practical roads.”

I have seen some vloggers who show a good $1,000 a week and that is good money as far as I am concerned. Keep in mind that trucking will consume your whole life. Your entire life is running the truck and maintaing the truck. The only time you get is when you are sitting idle waiting for the next load or when you are sleeping. Even then, you should be charting your course and checking your rig in your down time. The career is all about making money. That is all you should be interested in doing because that is all you will be doing.

If you are okay with this, you should stick with me through my blogging journey.





SWIFT (It is looking bad for Swift as I have had prior contact with them. I was interested some time ago and requested information. They sent me a link to a site to do some home study. I couldn’t keep waiting so I ended up getting a regular job to pay bills. I reached out to them to see about getting an updated link and they consequently ignored my emails. They basically said here is some study material, contact us when you have finished it. )




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