My Manifesto

The whole situation starts with the motive to understand. It is much like connecting the dots in a coordinate graph. All the dots connect to each other. What I really need is a mental model in order to see all the dots in one miniature picture. I just need to see the whole thing. Which essentially means I need to pull back away from what I am studying in order to get a better view of the whole picture. ?How do I pull back away from what I am studying in order to see the whole picture? How do I create distance from the object being studied and my focus? ! Idea, first think about the object in a broad way.


Think about an orange. Think about the color (orange) Think about the shape (round)

People>person>body>body parts>body part>tissue>tissue pieces>tissue material>

Market>people>People have needs>People have money>People have wants>

Help one>Help many

Be able to meet people’s needs or wants> I need to know their wants and needs in order to meet them> I also need to have the materials to meet their wants or needs>People have a firewall, a thing that makes them say no>

People want what I want>I can work off of that>

The whole is made up of processes>me writing is a process>I want to access a website> the first process is the thought (I want to access this site) the second process is the act of typing>The third process is waiting for the server to kick back the site to me>In order to be efficient I need to eliminate as many PAUSES as possible>I want to transition from thought to action to though to action. If I have to set myself to pause to wait, that is destroying time. From birth to death, I am destroying time>There are two things that a person does, they destroy time and they destroy money. Time and money are not connected unless we choose to connect them> The brain can only go so long before it has to pause> ?We have to ask why? What

group>individuals>individual beliefs>beliefs have a source>

It just occurred to me, this woman next to me is studying some kind of school work and she is two caffeinated drinks into her stay. Knowing the affects of caffeine and trying to study while drinking coffee, I know what she is doing is counterproductive. There is two things that I benefit from this realization. #1 college students need a place to study when the college library is closed. What they do is they come to the coffee shop to study and it is not only loud, people drink coffee which jacks them up and doesn’t actually help their brain function. It is like a whole body jump when all they really need is a brain jump. This made me think about what the brain needs to properly function. It also poses the question, what happens when the brain is put under load? A disturbing thing I read while researching is that kids fed a low fat diet or a diet of processed foods have a 30 point less IQ than someone who eats the opposite, this separates them from being mentally retarded by a 30 point difference. I recall how stupid I felt when I was eating a bunch of fast food, it literally makes you stupid. Another problem that students face when trying to do school work is when they are at the library or they are at the cafe, they do not have access to healthy food or water. I mean this stuff gets expensive. I liked how quiet it was at the college library but the place was uncomfortable, there was no immediate access to water or healthy food. What this does is create a lot of pauses and distractions which is counterproductive when you are trying to focus on school work. If there was a place where there were comfortable chairs and desks, water on tap, healthy food on tap, that was quiet, this would be the perfect environment for the student. It is definitely a must to take a break every couple hours to get the blood flowing and limber up the muscles. It is annoying though when you have an audience.The only thing I can do is not care.


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