How to become rich: Jameson Edition



You have decided like millions of other people that you want to be rich. But where do you start? 13 years ago, I typed “How to become rich” into Google. At the time I was wet behind the ears and I didn’t know much. As Tony Robbins would say ” You aren’t asking the right question”. The difference between me and you is, I know what you don’t. I know that the right question is not “How to become rich”. You don’t just become rich. I might bruise your ego with this but you don’t know enough to realize you are in way over your head. If you have to ask the “How to become rich” question, you have no idea what you are up against.

I could sit here and type out every tiny detail that you should know about being rich. The trouble is, you won’t be prepared. You don’t go from jobless, broke, or employed for chicken feed and become rich. I have just explained the first half of the puzzle to you. If you are like me you pick up get rich quick books or buy courses that promise to make you rich if you just spend $67. You can no doubt learn from these experiences, but you won’t become rich. You see the people writing the get rich quick books and selling the courses figured out they didn’t know how to get rich. Their only plan was to claim to know how to get rich and sell the information to some sucker who also wanted to get rich.

Nobody wants to think of themselves as a sucker. But if you don’t know who the sucker is, you are the sucker my friend. You are likely aware I have not told you how to get rich. That is because even if I told you, you wouldn’t have the skills to make use of the information I give you. What to do, what to do. There are two approaches to being rich. You either give your money to someone who is skilled in finance or you learn the skills of finance yourself.There is a whole box of content about finance, at its core though, it is simple. At least in theory. Execution of the principles isn’t so easy unless you know one thing.

I’ll say it again, I have the whole picture. I used to be like you. I used to dream of being rich and having the better life. I would search the internet for hours trying to find someone who knew how I could become rich. Over the course of 13 years, NO ONE ever told me how to improve my life or how to make a million dollars. Do you know what did happen? I found clues, I found pieces to the puzzle. Clue after clue, I gained puzzle piece after puzzle piece. I solved riddle after riddle. And I appear before you today with the whole picture. I have solved the riddle. I have formed the complete MILLION DOLLAR PUZZLE.

Was it really difficult? Yes! It took me 13 years to figure everything out! You show me anyone who spent 13 years on anything and I will shake their hand and congratulate them.So, how does a person become rich? Your first lesson : You don’t become rich, unless you win the lottery or inherit millions. Your first lesson is understanding what your words actually mean. People know words and have a basic idea of what the word means. The trouble is they don’t really know what the words they use mean.Talk about a hot mess. How do you explain to someone that what they “know” is not true. They “think” they know but they really don’t know. How do you tell someone who is certain they know something that all these years they thought incorrectly?

What if I told you that I haven’t even barely scratched the surface of the Million Dollar Puzzle? It’s true, I haven’t even barely scratched the surface of all a person needs to know in order to solve the M.D.P

If you think you know so much, why don’t you have the life you want? I am not calling you out. I am just asking you. If you have all the answers why are you still searching and not doing? You don’t have the answers, that is why you are reading this blog. Your second lesson: If you haven’t achieve something, you don’t know anything. You have to approach any problem like you don’t know what you are doing. You have to keep an open mind to everything. Only through careful expirementation can you confirm that something is not true or is true.

Does money issues keep you awake at night?

Do you badly want to be rich?

Do you strongly desire to have the good life?

Have you realized that you know there is something you are missing?

Do you feel as though you have tried everything?

Do you feel as though you have hit a brick wall?

Then you have come to the right place. I solved the riddle and my research has all been added in my new book. I wrote about all the skills I learned that allowed me to discover the key ingredients on how to solve the M.D.P.

I will leave you with this. I went from broke, jobless, homeless, creditless and carless to gaining it all. The skills I learned are ALL in my book. I promise you, if you do not know the skills covered in my book, you will never be rich. I am not a slow person. And it still took me 13 years to put it all together! If you are just starting, how long will it take you doing what I did?

I was jobless: I got a job

I was broke: I got money

I was carless: I got a car

I was homeless: I got a home

I was creditless: I got credit

What you want to know is what books did I read to learn most of what I know. My own book is not mainly about money. What you need to know is what money books did I read that made  all the difference in my finances. There are 3 books that I read that changed my life.

Buy purchasing from my links, you can be guaranteed to get the insider scoop that only I can give you. You could buy the book and read it from anywhere. What you would lose out on is my specialized insight in how to use the book. With every purchase I will include a do


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