I wanted to create

The thought is a seed. the feeling is the water. Who we are is the earth that our seed is formed.

I never realized before that I was creating my experience with other people. My thoughts and feeling about people were communicated through my thoughts. Had I approached others and held no thoughts in my mind, they would have nothing to react to. Instead, people reacted adversely even if I didn’t say anything. It was all in my face. How I felt was plain as day written on my face. I realized that I could influence the behavior of others by simply keeping an eye on my feelings and my thoughts. I was telegraphing my feelings towards everyone.

I learned that I could make people feel things simply by being mindful of my thoughts. It isn’t that they could read my mind, they were able however, to read my face. They could also read my eyes. They say, the eyes are a window to the soul. I would say, it is true. From now on, I will be practicing keeping my mind blank. At one point in order to keep from thinking or feeling anything I just kept repeating in my mind “I am cool” Then I formed an image of me looking cool and suddenly I felt cooler lol.

It is body language.


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