Why I quit the video game business

Back when I was a teen, I would make spending money by going to yard sales, thrift shops, pawn shops and game stores looking for games I could turn a profit on. The downside was it took a lot of time and many times I came up empty handed. In terms of making consistent money it didn’t happen. On many occasions I got lucky but it was never enough to write home about. Even though I tried to make it work, it never did. I hustled a lot and didn’t make much money because I couldn’t control the source of the supply. I had to hunt and hope I would get lucky. Ultimately, I abandoned the whole operation. I got a full time job and put in my time. Every now and then I would get lucky and spot something worth money. I would job on the opportunity and turn a profit. Once again, I did not make enough to write home about. I might make $10, $20-$40-$50 on any transaction. What I really needed to be doing was driving sellers to my own store. Where I live there is a vintage game store and they do well enough to stay in business but they aren’t thriving, they have the same problem as I do. They can’t keep the vintage games in stock. It is a bad business to sell vintage games because you never know when something is going to come in. When what a store needs is a constant supply of these games. Every now and then I will get lucky and I will think man if I could just do this more, I could quit my day job. Then after turning on the nitro I realize that it is just as hopeless as it was when I did it years ago. It happened to me again, I felt I should write up this blog to remind myself and explain to anyone thinking of doing what I did to not do it. Trust me, I wasted enough hours of my own life, no sense in you doing it too. As much as I wish there was a market for buying and selling vintage games, there just isn’t. That is mainly why almost no one is doing it. There isn’t enough cash to be made. And I don’t want to waste one more hour of my life inspecting and negotiating deals trying to buy games and consoles, it is too much effort for the pay off. I need something else. It is a tough racket and it is getting even tougher. Unless you have your own game store, forget it. Take my word and don’t waste your time.


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